Addressing Toxic Polarization: A Deep Dive Discussion

Civic Genius, One America Movement, Search for Common Ground, and Convergence invite supporters and followers to join a special virtual conversation on the What’s, Why’s, and How’s of bringing Americans together to build trust and solve problems in a moment of toxic polarization.

In addition to exploring the similarities and differences of the approaches of each organization, topics will include:

  • How we deal with division and opposition between people who accepted the outcome of the election and those who believe the election was stolen
  • How we deal with the division industry, the people who profit from polarization and divisiveness
  • Practical ways of diffusing challenging conversations
  • Why the work we’re doing now will turn the corner for the country

Conversation Leaders:

David Eisner, CEO of Convergence. Convergence brings national leaders and doers together across divides to build trust and fashion consensus solutions to intractable problems.

Michael Shipler, Vice President of Strategy for Search for Common Ground. Search for Common Ground implements peace-building and conflict transformation programming around the world.

Jillian Youngblood, Executive Director of Civic Genius. Civic Genius engages grassroots participants and their elected officials on areas of common ground.

Daryl Lobban, Director of Strategic Partnerships of One America Movement. One America Movement helps equip faith communities to confront division and work together across political, racial, and religious divides.

Join Us

Monday, August 2, 2021
3 p.m. ET / 12 p.m. PT

Register here:

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