5 Reasons to Support Civic Genius

December 5, 2022

No matter where you are in your civic engagement, Civic Genius has fun tools and practical skills for absolutely everyone. We have big plans to bring these to even more people across the country in 2023 – but we need your help. Here are five reasons to give to Civic Genius this December:

  1. We’re done complaining about polarization. We bring people from across the political spectrum together to actually solve problems.
  2. We’ve got opportunities for everyone to get involved: introverts, extroverts, moderates, conservatives, liberals – you get the idea.
  3. We teach skills you can use right away. 15-minute training on meeting elected officials? Got it. Explainer on what your school board does? Check.
  4. Everything’s on our menu. Hear a global expert explain how to stop extremists or a volunteer tell how she made elections more secure.
  5. It’s all free – because of people like you. To help make our tools available to everyone, donate today.

Want to learn more about what we do? Contact ibrahim@ourcivicgenius.org.

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