“Getting It Done” Replay

October 7, 2021

You don’t have to be a big organization or a Washington DC lobbyist to change things for the better. We’ll talk to three people who didn’t wait for problems to solve themselves – they jumped in, did the work, and made a real difference. Our panelists will explain how they pulled it off and offer advice to anyone looking to get more involved in civic life.


Betsy Armentrout

Co-founder of Georgia Voting Works, which worked with the Georgia Secretary of State and major Atlanta-based corporations like Delta and Coca Cola to help make voting safer and easier during the last election.

Justine Lee

Co-creator of Make America Dinner Again, which brings together people with different political views for thoughtful, respectful conversations over dinner, and executive director of Living Room Conversations.

Lila Nordstrom

Founder of StuyHealth, which advocates for young people who became sick from the contamination at Ground Zero on 9/11.


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