Sassy Civics

Does working for democracy feel like an uphill battle? Like all your emails and texts and phone calls are just going into a black hole?

We’ve got your back. Join us for the first in a three-part training series where you’ll learn how to shift the balance of power when it seems impossible.

Register now to:

1) Learn how uniting with other women can create power.

2) Understand what your government does and how you can pull the levers to get things done.

3) Get organized and get moving, whether you’re brand new or a seasoned activist.

You don’t have to be a fancy lobbyist to make real, lasting change. We’ve got the tips, tricks, and tools that will get you there.

Join us!

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

7:30 PM Eastern Time (4:30 PM PT)

Register for this virtual event here


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