Common Ground on Net Neutrality

June 27, 2022

Here’s Where the Right and Left Agree

Should your internet service provider be able to let a website pay to load faster than other sites? Slow down or block certain sites? Provide faster speeds to its own apps?

If you support the idea of net neutrality, then the answer is no. And in fact, the Federal Communications Commission (that’s the FCC, which you can learn more about here) formally passed net neutrality rules in 2015. But pretty soon after, in 2017, the FCC repealed those rules.

So what do most Americans think about net neutrality? Our friends at Voice of the People asked 2,702 registered voters about this topic using a unique survey called a policymaking simulation. In this kind of survey, people learn about the issue and read pro and con statements about a variety of different policy ideas that could address it.

Here’s what voters had to say: 73% of Americans support bringing back net neutrality rules, including 82% of Democrats, 65% of Republicans, and 68% of Independents.

You can take the survey yourself to learn more about net neutrality and the arguments for and against it. And satisfy your inner nerd by checking out the full survey results.

Want to take action on net neutrality? Why not ask for a meeting with your member of Congress to make your voice heard? Or write an op-ed for your local paper putting your opinion out there? Civic Genius runs online workshops that walk you through the nuts and bolts of civic action, so keep your eyes peeled for event announcements in our newsletter!

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