Podcast: Understand Your Government. Watch “Ghostbusters.”

February 7, 2023

There are more than 2 million people working for the United States government. We’re embarking on a new mission to explain what each and every one of them does – but in a way anyone can understand. In the new and improved Civic Genius podcast, we’re watching classic movies from the past 40 years and asking ourselves how the government would have actually approached those scenes in real life.


Plus, we wanted an excuse to watch Ghostbusters. So, we did.


How do you clean up hazardous waste after a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man explodes in your city? What are the public safety risks of an unregulated ghostbusting industry? We’re here to ask Hugh Kaufman, who helped start the EPA, these ridiculous questions and more, plus some genuinely useful ones.


Listen here – and tell us what you think! You can also listen to our podcast on SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.


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